Inspection systems

Optonova is a leading international supplier of automatic inspection systems for the manufacturing industry.

This allows us to help our customers achieve improvements in a number of areas, including:

  • Environment and waste. Better use of raw materials and machinery cuts energy consumption and generates less waste.
  • Process and productivity. Increased monitoring of your production process – for example access to production data in real time – offers a deeper understanding of the process and potential to increase productivity.
  • Quality and goodwill. Cutting down on manual inspections reduces the number of occupational injuries. Automatic inspection 24/7 ensures a high and consistent level of quality, which boosts your reputation as a quality supplier.

Optonova provides both standardised and customised inspection systems. We operate in several sectors, providing inspection systems for industries such as: furniture, flooring, manufacturing, packaging, nuclear and pharmaceutical.

In cases where the inspection task is particularly unusual, Optonova is able to develop entirely unique customer-specific solutions. Read more about this under the Consultancy tab.

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