Surface inspection - SurfaceQI

For in-line inspection of aesthetic properties of Furniture and Flooring panels and other flat surfaces.

The aesthetic aspect of products is becoming increasingly important. One of the most crucial factors in the appearance of a product is its surface quality. Surface-QI is based on patented vision technology that enhances the ability to detect and classify surface defects and structures. The versatile Surface-QI system can be installed in several positions along the production line, for instance immediately after laminate pressing or after the surface finishing process.

Surface-QI for surface inspection is available in the following versions, each optimised for a particular type of surface.

  • Clear lacquered solid wood and veneer surfaces
  • Pigment lacquered surfaces
  • Foiled and wrapped surfaces
  • Printed surfaces
  • Laminate surfaces

Surface-QI can be installed at the end of a surface treatment line (wrapping, lacquering, printing) or in a separate inspection unit before packaging.

See PDF - QI Station See PDF - SurfaceQI Furniture

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