Dimension inspection - DimensionQI

DimensionQI is a new fast and accurate in-line measurement system for all rectangular panels and plates that are transported on a roller conveyor. Easy to integrate in most existing production lines. DimensionQI can measure length, width, squareness and straightness.

Fiber boards, MDF, HDF, OSB, metal plates, sheet bars, paper cardboard, floor, wall and ceiling panels - regardless of material and surface type, DimensionQI can measure your products in-line.

DimensionQI measures your products with high precision. For rectangular objects, following properties can be measured:

  • Width & Length

  • Squareness

  • Straightness

Thanks to its unique and patented technology, DimensionQI enables robust, reliable and contact-free dimension control of moving objects on roller conveyors. Furthermore, DimensionQI does not use any encoder and will not suffer from drifting errors accordingly.

See PDF - DimensionQI

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