Automatic inspection and product monitoring are particularly applicable in the following areas.

Surface inspection

Operating in real time, our inspection systems, or vision systems, checks surface properties and identifies defects of the produced items in the production line. The systems are fast, durable and accurate in their decision:

  • Checking surface properties: Gloss, finish, colour, surface structure (e.g. ‘orange peel’), shade/tone, pattern, transparency, opacity, roughness.
  • Detecting surface defects: Scratches, cracks, holes, impurities, dirt, inclusions, tears, wrinkles, print defects, smeared decoration, dents, paint damage, marks, stains, pores, graininess, chipping.

Measuring dimension, position and orientation

Optonova is a pioneer in the area of high-speed 3D measurements to check dimensions, position etc. Examples of what optical metrology can measure:

  • Length, width, height, diameter, squareness, flatness, profile and 3D shape.
  • Position and orientation: X, Y, Z position and angles.

Non-destructive testing – Checking functional requirements.

Optical and vision technology are increasingly being used for non-destructive checks off-line in the lab as well as in-line in the production lines. Within this area it is also possible to use vision technology with invisible light (x-ray, UV and IR) to better focus on what needs to be checked.

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