Customised systems

Customer-specific inspection problems can often be solved by modifying one or more standardised system solutions.

This generally allows us to create highly functional customised solutions with minimal development work and development costs.

As we have mentioned, in cases where the inspection task is particularly unusual, Optonova is able to develop entirely unique customer-specific solutions. Read more about this under the Consultancy tab.

Automatic inspection of nuclear fuel pellets

Westinghouse Electric in Västerås has commissioned a vision system from Optonova that comprises a range of different optical and camera equipment for rapidly checking that all fuel pellets are fault-free.

The benefits of this system are expected to be a reduction in demanding manual inspections and a further improvement in product quality. Westinghouse will thereby consolidate its position as the leading fuel supplier to the nuclear power industry.

Automatic dimension measurement and analysis of parquet pieces

Specially developed for Tarkett, the QI system ‘Limbo’ accurately measures parquet pieces of various sizes. The thickness and width of the pieces are measured at full production speed at a resolution of 0.02 mm.

Image analysis in the steel industry

Optonova has supplied scanning vision equipment to Pesmel OY in Finland for use in the steel industry. Pesmel has created an automatic sampling process for monitoring steel quality. The vision system from Optonova records high-resolution images of milled steel surfaces. The images are remotely analysed by metallurgists and provide data for adjusting the process parameters.

Automatic inspection steel plates

Fresenius Kabi in Uppsala has commissioned two vision system from Optonova that inspects steel plates. The task is to make sure that these plates do not contain any transparent plastic bags before entering an autoclave.

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