Optonova offers a broad range of services within vision technology and optics.

We have expertise in every stage of the process, from exploratory studies to detailed designs, and can also provide key competences where required.

  • Advisory services and technical studies. Optonova offers technical due diligence and other general analyses of operations and projects. Therefore we perform:
  • Exploratory studies containing considerable unknowns and potential, where the aim may be to find new combinations of technology and marketing opportunities in order to create innovative products.
  • Product studies based on an identified need in the market where technical solutions are chosen that makes it possible to produce new or improved products.
  • Technical studies where we: identify the critical elements of the product, find strategies for eliminating found problems, often perform practical testing to verify critical functions.
  • System development projects. Optonova develops and install customer-specific systems for various industrial applications and inspection tasks, either independently or in partnership with the customer. This includes:
  • inspecting aesthetic surfaces
  • dimension checks of manufactured parts
  • defect detection and classification
  • checking the presence/absence of components

  • Product development. Optonova helps its customers to develop competitive products that use vision technology and optics. This include for instance:
  • Preliminary studies to analyse technical choices and make technical assessments
  • Preparing product sketches and design specifications
  • Participation in product development projects
  • Identifying risk factors in technical development projects. We handle risk factors of a technical nature and those that are financially linked to the choice of technology
  • Reviewing designs and specifications. Reviewing external designers and their work
  • Putting designs into production. Product realisation, production preparation and planning
  • Development of fixtures and aids for optics installation and optics adjustment
  • Process description and working methodology for optics-related production
  • Specialist services within vision technology and optics. Optonova also offers access to leading edge expertise in a wide range of areas that includes physical optics, sensor technology, computer systems as well as project managers and engineers.

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